2022 RE-RASSOR Cart 1.0

The RE-RASSOR Cart project combined the ROS 1 and ROS 2 software with the current hardware design to create a turn-key rover for use in the classroom or to support research in the field.  The host processor is a Raspberry Pi 4 that configures the Arduino controller, manages the remote-control interface (mobile device via wi-fi) and passes commands to the Arduino to drive the RE-RASSOR robot.  The final deliverable is an image file for Pi and instructions for use.  The final product was successfully demonstrated on the electrical mockup (Pi, Arduino, 4 motors).  

2022 Sim Smackdown Lunar Base

The Sim SmackDown, or Simulation Exploration Experience, is a long running, international cooperative event combining Industry, Academia and Government to simulate future Lunar and Martian settlement concepts.  NASA provides mentors, tools, architectures and challenges; Industry provides tools and standards; and Academia provides technologies and students from around the world.  The UCF team is responsible for both the Lunar Base and the complete computing infrastructure for the entire simulation.   

2021 Re-Rassor Software Competition

NASA created an indoor robotics arena for the their Lunabotics Competition.  The desire was to run small rovers in smaller competitions for middle and high school students.  The team ported the EZ-RASSOR software to the NASA hardware platform and developed competition management tools for use by the Education team.  The Software was complete on time, the NASA hardware is still in development.