Welcome to the Florida Space Institute

The Florida Space Institute (FSI) supports space research, development, and education activities. In addition, we support the development of Florida’s space economy—civil, defense, and commercial.

Since 1996, FSI has been an institute of the State University System of Florida. FSI is made up of researchers, educators, and staff from member universities in Florida. FSI research ranges from studying the Earth’s upper atmosphere to the origin of the planets and from the workings of asteroids to propulsion technologies for high-Mach aerospace vehicles.

We’re involved in space missions as diverse as high altitude rocket launches, next-gen suborbital flights, the NASA Cassini mission to Saturn, and NASA’s Explorer program. FSI administratively houses the Florida Space Grant Consortium (FSGC) for NASA, and we operate the Space Research Initiative (SRI) for the State of Florida.

We welcome your interest in FSI. Whether you are from NASA, a private company or institute, the public, or the scientific community, whether you seek to work with us, go to work for us, fund us, or team in projects, contact us to get started.

Ramon (Ray) Lugo III
Dr Joshua Colwell
Dr. Joshua Colwell
Assistant Director


April 2013: Gold Project Awarded $55 Million Grant Making UCF The First University in Florida to Lead a NASA Satellite Mission

Dr. Richard Eastes , a Researcher here at FSI, is the Principal Investigator for the  GOLD project which was recently awarded a $55 million grant from NASA. This grant will make UCF the first university in Florida to lead a satellite mission for NASA. The Global-scale Observations of the Limb and Disk (GOLD) mission will help scientists better understand weather in space and how it impacts the …

November 2013: Joint UCF-UF Space Research Initiative Conference

The 1st joint UCF-UFL Space Research Initiative Conference will be held from 8.00 AM – 5.15 PM  on Thursday, Nov. 14th, 2013 at University of Florida, Gainesville (venue : Mathews Suite (4th Floor), JW Reitz Union, Univ. of Florida).   All SRI awardees from UCF under the 2012-A and 2012-B cycles and the awardees from …