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The Florida Space Institute (FSI) supports space research, development, and education activities. In addition, we support the development of Florida’s space economy—civil, defense, and commercial. Since 1996, FSI has been an institute of the State University System of Florida. FSI is made up of researchers, educators, and staff from member universities in Florida. FSI research ranges from studying the Earth’s upper atmosphere to the origin of the planets and from the workings of asteroids to propulsion technologies for high-Mach aerospace vehicles. We’re involved in space missions as diverse as high altitude rocket launches, next-gen suborbital flights, the NASA Cassini mission to Saturn, and NASA’s Explorer program. FSI administratively houses the Florida Space Grant Consortium (FSGC) for NASA, and we operate the Space Research Initiative (SRI) for the State of Florida. We welcome your interest in FSI. Whether you are from NASA, a private company or institute, the public, or the scientific community, whether you seek to work with us, go to work for us, fund us, or team in projects, contact us to get started.

not so total solar eclipse event

The Great North American Eclipse will be totally visible to about 32 million people, and it won’t be seen for another 20 years! Given our location during the eclipse, we won’t get a full view. Nonetheless, this is an amazing opportunity to see even a small portion of the eclipse!

All friends and family are welcome! You can register for the event here:

The eclipse will take place from 2-4PM at UCF’s Reflecting Pond. We will provide solar eclipse safety glasses as well as a complimentary tote. *limited supplies available



Luisa Fernanda has been the main person in charge of setting up the eclipse event. Specializing in near-Earth Asteroids using the Arecibo Planetary Radar System, focusing on fast rotating objects, Binary Systems, and asteroid Shape modeling. She curates a comprehensive Arecibo Planetary Radar observation repository, ensuring community access.


The Florida Space Institute is proud to be hosting the 2024 NASA Lunabotics Qualification Challenge from May 10-15th at the Exolith Lab. The NASA Lunabotics Challenge is a cutting-edge event that brings together talented university teams from across the country to develop and deploy robots capable of utilizing lunar regolith in a simulated lunar environment