Serving a population of over 19 million and university and college enrollment of 1.1 million, the NASA Florida Space Grant Consortium (FSGC) provides students opportunities for engaging in inter-disciplinary hands-on activities to propel them to be leaders in space industry and innovative space organizations of tomorrow. FSGC’s mission is to strengthen Florida’s economy and augment NASA Educational Outcomes by providing space-related fellowships, scholarships, and internships; supporting research opportunities, and academic-NASA-industry partnerships; and enhancing STEM awareness, literacy, education and excellence in Florida’s citizens, public and private educational systems, and workforce. The Consortium is an association of seventeen public and private Florida Universities and colleges, led by the University of Central Florida and administered by the Florida Space Institute. The Consortium also includes Space Florida, the Kennedy Space Center (KSC), the Astronaut Memorial Foundation and the Orlando Science Center.

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