RE-RASSOR (Research and Education – Regolith Advanced Surface Systems Operational Robot) is the initial FSI robotic offering. It combines the NASA Mini-RASSOR rover design (non-commercial license) with UCF Senior Design team developed EZ-RASSOR software to create a robust, 1R Class rover capable of Exploration Level tasks.  The NASA design has been extended to include quick connect interfaces allowing rapid effector configuration for systems like the RE-RASSOR Arm.  Build data (3D Print files, Component Buy List) is available here. The EZ-RASSOR Software is here.  A simplified version of EZ-RASSOR will be available in the Fall of 2022.

RE-RASSOR Hardware designs are available here. Included there are links to software, the bill of materials, the full .STL file library links to the public TinkerCad projects.