2022 Sim Smackdown Lunar Base


University of Central Florida – Computer Science


The Simulation Exploration Experience (SEE) joins students, industry, professional associations, and faculty in collaborative college-level modeling and simulation learning.  Each local (university) team designs, develops, tests, and executes its chosen component(s) of simulated space missions.  Teams use open standards for modeling and simulation (M&S), which allow all teams’ distributed components to work together seamlessly to form and execute the larger-scale simulated space mission.  Teams are geographically dispersed and interact remotely with other teams.  All simulation components interact over the Internet using open modeling and simulation industry standards for systems interoperability. 

The UCF team developed and operated the computational and security elements for the SEE 2022 for the international team as well as the lunar base, user documentation and guides.  The team supported testing and development for all of the teams under NASA mentorship. 

Project Team

Alexander Breijo
Anthony Leary
Phogphattharasiri Bubphaphuang
Jacob Betts
Taylor Laird