2022 RE-RASSOR Cart 1.0


University of Central Florida – Computer Science


The RE-RASSOR Project is a joint FSI, Florida Space Grant and NASA project to develop, mature and extend the EZ-RASSOR Software and the Mini-RASSOR Hardware.  The goals include: ready to use rover systems and building blocks for Research projects; extensions and enhancements to those systems; and meaningful experiences and systems to support advance STEM / STEAM education.  Production ready systems, components and open-source hardware and software are all to be available.   

The RE-RASSOR Cart 1.0 project focused on the maturation and release of the basic 4-wheel cart version of the RE-RASSOR Robot software.  The control system is based on an Arduino Controller driving a common RAMPS 1.4 interface shield with commands coming through a Raspberry Pit from either a teleoperations interface or local autonomy host. 

Project Team

Stephan Hartig
Shir Nava
Amanda Gallo Nisenbaum
Orion Shyberg
Kurt Wilson