2021 Swarm Built Pad


University of Central Florida — Computer Science


The RE-RASSOR Project is a joint FSI, Florida Space Grant and NASA project to develop, mature and extend the EZ-RASSOR Software and the Mini-RASSOR Hardware.  The goals include: ready to use rover systems and building blocks for Research projects; extensions and enhancements to those systems; and meaningful experiences and systems to support advance STEM / STEAM education.  Production ready systems, components and open-source hardware and software are all to be available.   

The Swarm Built Pad Team created software allowing 4 RE-RASSOR Robots cooperate on the activities necessary to build a landing pad or road on the surface of the moon.  The team or rovers were provided a surface map of the construction area as well as the final contour necessary to support pad construction.  The team of rovers would move regolith from high areas and fill in lower areas to construct the desired surface for the landing pad.   

Project Sponsors

Florida Space Institute

Mike Conroy – FSI

Project Team

Camry Artalona: cartalona@knights.ucf.edu

Richard Malcolm: richardmalcolm@knights.ucf.edu

Stanley Minervini: stanley.minervini@knights.ucf.edu

Hung Nguyen: hungnguyen@knights.ucf.edu

Coy Torreblanca: coydiego@knights.ucf.edu