2021 Swarm Built Pad


University of Central Florida


The overall goal of our project is to level an area on the moon using a SWARM of EZ-RASSOR rovers so that a landing pad may be built. In doing this, we will illustrate that these low-cost rovers are to do high level tasks autonomously. Our project has several different aspects. We developed an algorithm that uses a digital elevation model of an area to create an unordered set of instructions which may be completed by a SWARM of rovers to level the area described by the digital elevation model in an efficient manner. Furthermore, we developed architecture to command the rovers to follow given instructions, to manage the rovers by giving them instructions, and solving any problems which the rovers may encounter. Lastly, we linked the EZ-RASSOR project to the simulation engine Unity so that rovers can alter their terrain in a simulation. We are proud to have created a project which can be used in future EZ-RASSOR projects. The algorithm we created can generate leveling instructions for any digital elevation model describing a location on the moon on Earth or on the Moon. Our architecture can be used to control a SWARM of rovers to complete most any task. EZ-RASSOR projects in the future can now use Unity to simulate their projects.

Project Sponsors

Florida Space Institute

Mike Conroy – FSI

Project Team

Camry Artalona: cartalona@knights.ucf.edu

Stanley Minervini: stanley.minervini@knights.ucf.edu

Hung Nguyen: hungnguyen@knights.ucf.edu

Richard Malcolm: richardmalcolm@knights.ucf.edu