FSI Celebrates Women’s History Month

We highlight and salute our amazing Contracts & Grants Specialist, Mildred Rodriguez Solivan. Our proposal submissions would not be a success without her expert skill and knowledge. Above is her advice for the next generation of women in STEM.
We highlight and salute the brilliant Dr. Kerri Donaldson Hanna, Planetary Scientist at FSI/UCF. Above she talks about what inspires her to do the work that she does and loves, and what it’s like working at FSI/UCF.
We highlight and salute trailblazing Noemi Pinilla-Alonso, Planetary Scientist at FSI/UCF, who received UCF’s luminary award and had an asteroid named after her in recognition of the great work she has contributed to her field.
We highlight and salute our fearless interim director, Julie Brisset. She has taken on leadership since the departure of former director Ramon Lugo III & is ushering us towards a new & exciting chapter! Read what she says about her work & women in STEM.
We highlight one of our bright & promising postdoc fellows, Ana Carolina De Souza Feliciano. She will be leading the analysis of data as part of the DISCo team that will use JWST data to study TNOs composition, including Pluto’s climate.