Papers, Posters and Publications

Project Title of the Piece Paper, Poster or Publication Term University Team Author Focus Area
Ejecta Storm Measuring Plume Effects of Lunar Landing and Launch: Ejecta Sheet Tracking, Opacity, and Regolith Maturity (Ejecta STORM) PosterFall 2020 UCF 2020 Blue Team Philip T. Metzger, et. al. ---
--- Residual Stresses in Additively Manufactured Lattice-Based Leading Edges PosterFall 2020 UCF 2020 Blue Team Jillian Gloria, et. al. ---
SpaceFOM SpaceFOM - A robust standard for enabling apriori interoperability of HLA-based space systems simulations PublicationFall 2020 UCF 2020 Blue Team Edwin Z. Crues, et. al. SISO Sim Smackdown
Gravity Machine Earth Based Gravity Machines PaperFall 2020 UCF 2020 Blue Team Mike Conroy Gravity Machine