Call Out For Next Generation SOFIA Science Instrument

February 12th, 2018

10:00 am



Call Out For Next Generation SOFIA Science Instrument



The draft call for the Next Generation of SOFIA Science Instruments has been released! This call is an opportunity for theorists, instrument builders, engineers, and physicists to come together to propose the next great scientific observation program and instrument for the SOFIA Program. Details for this draft version of the call can be found using this link (LINK). NASA is in the process of releasing the formal solicitation for this new instrument which we expect in the near term. This opportunity is designed to promote new scientific observational programs that will leave a lasting legacy with the SOFIA program and help us take that next great leap in discovery!



Alan Rhodes is the Science Instrument Development Manager for NASA’s SOFIA program. He manages new science instruments and upgrades to existing instruments to give SOFIA new opportunities to discover more about the infrared universe. Alan has experience leading teams from project inception to close-out and all steps between. He has led efforts across numerous industries including; acting as test director and project manager for the first full scale Orion tests studying post-landing behavior to determine rescue and recovery requirements; leading the human in the loop test planning efforts for Orion; developing the initial lunar dust test strategies for the Constellation Program; leading the NOAA Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Program; developing the procedures to allow power to be dynamically scheduled on the government-owned electric power transmission system for the Bonneville Power Administration; leading the testing required to integrate foreign technology into the U.S. ballistic missile and fast attack submarine fleet. Alan has a BS in Electrical Engineering, a BA in Spanish, and a MBA in Global Management.