Arecibo Observatory to Offer New Opportunities for Visiting Scientists

$1.5 million grant to help launch new programs, including guaranteed telescope time for selected participants.


The Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico will launch a new series of programs to host junior and senior scientists at the observatory to boost the transfer of science knowledge and train the next generations of observatory users.

The National Science Foundation-owned facility, home to one of the most powerful radio telescopes in the world, has been instrumental in advancing knowledge about space for the past 50 years. UCF manages the facility under an agreement with the NSF, which recently awarded the university a $1.5 million grant to expand the observatory’s knowledge-transfer efforts.

The observatory will roll out several new initiatives, help staff and scientists at Arecibo share their expertise, and host graduate students, junior and senior scientists onsite to spur new projects.

The Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico (Picture taken from )
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