Raúl Carballo Rubio, Ph.D.

Assistant Scientist




Dr. Raúl Carballo Rubio is an assistant scientist at the Florida Space Institute. He studied Physics at the Complutense University of Madrid and the University of Seville, and received his PhD from the Spanish National Research Council and the University of Granada. Dr. Carballo Rubio decided to pursue an education and career in Physics to better understand general relativity and quantum mechanics, as well as their possible unification into a theory of quantum gravity.

Dr. Carballo Rubio is an expert on the implications that quantum gravity may have for our understanding of the structure astrophysical black holes. He has studied in detail whether some of these implications can lead to noticeable effects detectable with current or near-future electromagnetic and gravitational wave observatories. Aside from this main line of research, he has studied other phenomenological aspects of quantum gravity such as possible modifications to the famous Unruh effect, as well as devoted time to studying modified gravity theories and other open issues such as the cosmological constant problem or the emergence of gravity in diverse scenarios.

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