luisa fernanda zambrano marin, M.S

Data Analyst


Luisa Fernanda specializes in near-Earth Asteroids using the Arecibo Planetary Radar System, focusing on fast rotating objects, Binary Systems, and asteroid Shape modeling. She curates a comprehensive Arecibo Planetary Radar observation repository, ensuring community access. Her expertise also encompasses academia-industry relations, teacher and K-12 student engagement, and curriculum development.

Originally from Colombia, Luisa Fernanda moved to Puerto Rico during her teenage years. She earned an Applied Physics degree and conducted research for the Kepler Mission in Italy with the Vatican Observatory Group. During her Masters in Space Studies at the International Space University, she worked on Juno, Voyager 1 and 2 Missions, and explored the application of space technologies for heritage site preservation.

Luisa Fernanda managed the development of the Cristina Torres-Memorial Astronomical Observatory, fostering educational initiatives at the University of Texas at Brownsville. After returning to Puerto Rico, she advised businesses in the emerging space economy and organized events to integrate Puerto Rico into the space industry. She established the Arecibo Observatory Space Academy, guiding over 350 local students in Human Space Settlement studies. Following the Arecibo Observatory’s collapse, she served as Co-Chair of the Salvaging Survey Committee, demonstrating her resilience and leadership.