The Florida Space Institute’s seminar series will resume February 10, 2016; see the schedule below for currently scheduled speakers. The seminar series is open to UCF researchers, administrators, and students, NASA-KSC personnel, FSI member institutions and FSI employees. Josh Colwell and Ashley Kehoe of FSI administer the seminar series that is held in the Partnership I building located in Research Park, adjacent to UCF. Contact Josh Colwell at or Ashley Kehoe at if you are interested in presenting a talk, wish to recommend someone for a talk, or wish to be on his email distribution list for notices of upcoming talks.

Upcoming Seminars – Spring 2016

Seminars will begin at 11:00am with talks lasting about 45 minutes and 10 minutes for questions. There are some exceptions to the standard date, time and location so please check the schedule below (*).

Location for directions and parking information click here):

12354 Research Parkway

Partnership I Bldg. Suite 209

Orlando, FL 32826


Speaker Title Date
Zoe Landsman: Physics, UCF Primitive Asteroids In The Mid-Infrared: Comparing Young And Old Families February 10
Peter Brown: Western University, Canada Physical Structure And Origin Of Meter-Sized Earth Impactors February 17
Kieran A. Carroll: Chief Technology Officer, Gedex Asteroid Surface Gravimetry, Weighing Boulders On Asteroids February 24
David Carrier The Four Things You Need To Know About The Geotechnical Properties Of Lunar Soil March 16
Noemi Pinilla-Alonso: FSI, UCF James Webb Space Telescope: All I Want For My Birthday March 30
Charles Schambeau: Physics, UCF Rescheduled – No Seminar  April 27
Amalio Garrido: CEO Drage & mate International METALIQ: Passive High Gravimetric Density Sun-Independent Chemical Energy Storage Compatible With RFC (Regenerative Fuel Cells) And Surface ISRU (In-Situ Resource Utilization) Systems May 4

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