The Florida Space Institute’s seminar series will resume September 4, 2014; see the schedule below for currently scheduled speakers. The seminar series is open to UCF researchers, administrators, and students, NASA-KSC personnel, FSI member institutions and FSI employees. Josh Colwell and Ashley Kehoe of FSI administer the seminar series that is held in the Partnership I building located in Research Park, adjacent to UCF. Contact Josh Colwell at or Ashley Kehoe at if you are interested in presenting a talk, wish to recommend someone for a talk, or wish to be on his email distribution list for notices of upcoming talks.


Upcoming Seminars – Fall 2014

Seminars will begin at 11:00am with talks lasting about 45 minutes and 10 minutes for questions. There are some exceptions to the standard date, time and location so please check the schedule below.

Location for directions and parking information click here):

12354 Research Parkway

Partnership I Bldg. Suite 209

Orlando, FL 32826

Speaker Title Date
Vishnu Reddy: Planetary Science Institute, Tucson AZ Russian Chelyabinsk Meteor Helps Solve Dinosaur Extinction Mystery September 4
Lucille Le Corre: Planetary Science Institute, Tucson AZ Primitive Impactors Delivered Olivine To Asteroid (4) Vesta: Evidence From NASA’s Dawn Mission September 4
Noemi Pinilla-Alonso The Origins Of The Solar System At Our Fingertips September 8
James Bauer: NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, CA WISE Comets: The Largest Sample Of Comets In the Infrared, So Far… September 11
Adrienne Dove: Physics, UCF Illuminating A Lunar Riddle: An Exploration Of Plasma And Dust Processes On The Moon’s Surface September 15
Schwarz/ Smith/ Kuebler/ Richardson: College of Optics and Photonics; Department of Chemistry; and Department of Physics, UCF Thermal and Laser Processing of Chalcogenide Glasses As A Route To Low-Cost, High-Performance Infrared Optics September 24
Prof. Kunio Sayanagi Hexagon and Polar Vortex: Observing Saturn’s Northern High Latitudes from NASA’s Cassini Orbiter  October 8 - location: *PS 445*
Dan Durda: Southwest Research Institute, Boulder, CO Asteroid Surfaces – Geology And Milli-g Dynamics October 22
Barbara Cohen: NASA Marshal Space Flight Center Lunar Flashlight: Mapping Lunar Surface Volatiles Using A Cubesat November 19 *4pm*
Guy Consolmagno: Vatican Observatory Is Vesta A Protoplanet? December 3