The Florida Space Institute’s seminar series will resume Wednesday, January 22, 2014; see the schedule below for currently scheduled speakers. The seminar series is open to UCF researchers, administrators, and students, NASA-KSC personnel, FSI member institutions and FSI employees. Josh Colwell and Ashley Kehoe of FSI administer the seminar series that is held in the Partnership I building located in Research Park, adjacent to UCF. Contact Josh Colwell at or Ashley Kehoe at if you are interested in presenting a talk, wish to recommend someone for a talk, or wish to be on his email distribution list for notices of upcoming talks.


Upcoming Seminars – Spring 2014

Seminars will begin at 11:00am with talks lasting about 45 minutes and 10 minutes for questions. *Exceptions: Philip Metzger3:30 – 4:30 pm, Gal Sarid 9-10am and Julie Brisset 2-3pm*

Location, except as noted in listing below. (for directions and parking information click here):

12354 Research Parkway

Partnership I Bldg. Suite 209

Orlando, FL 32826

End of Seminars for Spring Session–

Speaker Title Date
Nicoleta Soroaica Hickman: UCF, FSEC Fully-Functional Space And Terrestrial Photovoltaic/Electrodynamic Shield (PV/ES) Hybrid System For Dust Mitigation January 22
Phillip Metzger: UCF, FSI Planetary Science Research The Physical State Of Regolith On Airless Bodies, Including Interactions With Lander Missions January 28, 3:30-4:30pm
Peter Brown: Western University, Canada Characterizing The Chelyabinsk Airburst : Implications For The Impact Hazard January 29
Tracy Becker & Zoe Landsman: UCF, Physics FSGC Fellowship Prize Talks: Measuring The Smallest Particles In Saturn’s Rings With Cassini UVIS Occultation Data/ Surface Composition Of The M-Type Asteroids February 5
No Seminar Scheduled For This Week February 12
John Weishampel: UCF, Biology Remote Sensing And Modeling Environmental Legacies Across An Ancient Maya Landscape February 19
Alberto Fairen: Cornell University, Astronomy Water on Early Mars *CANCELED* February 20 CANCELED
Gal Sarid: Harvard University, Earth & Planetary Sciences Hold On To Your Volatiles -  Modeling Evolution And Composition Of Small Icy Bodies February 21 9:00-10:00am*
February 26
No Seminar – Spring Break March 5
Csaba Palotai: UCF, Physics Cloudy With A Chance Of Improvement March 12
Darin Ragozzine, FIT Striking Exoplanetary Gold: Systems With Multiple Transiting Planets From The Kepler Space Telescope (to be held in the Physics Building Rm 161) March 19
Julie Brisset: University of Braunschweig, Germany Microgravity Experiments on the First Steps of Planet Formation  March 19     2-3pm
Ken Stanley: UCF, EECS/CS Automatic Generation Of Legged Robotic Controllers For Planetary Exploration  March 26
Debashis Chanda: UCF, NANO Printed Metamaterial Based Uncooled Multi-Spectra Mid-IR Imaging For Deep Space Exploration April 2
Dingbao Wang: UCF, CECS Extracting Valley And Flowing Channel Networks From LiDAR Data *CANCELED* April 9 *CANCELED*
Sudipta Seal: UCF, AMPAC Nanostructured materials for radiation protection on long-duration space flight April 16
Apostolos Christou: Armagh Observatory, Northern Ireland Dancing Asteroids and Hopping Dust Grains: Their Importance for Planetary Science and Exploration May 7         2-3pm
Adrienne Dove: UCF, Physics Dynamic Dust Processes In The Solar System May 23