Zoe Landsman, Ph.D




Post-Doctoral Scholar




Dr. Zoe Landsman received her Bachelor of Science degree in Physics from the University of Central Florida in 2011. She then worked in private industry as an informatics consultant before returning to UCF for graduate school as a Florida Space Grant Fellow. She received her PhD in Physics with a concentration in Planetary Science from UCF in 2017. Dr. Landsman has now joined UCF’s Florida Space Institute, where she works as a postdoctoral researcher under the direction of Dr. Philip Metzger. Although she is primarily a researcher, Dr. Landsman is also passionate about science education and public outreach. She has worked as a Planetary Ambassador at the Orlando Science Center and as a teaching assistant and as a volunteer at UCF’s Robinson Observatory. In 2017, she received the UCF Physics Department Graduate Teaching Award for her work as a teaching assistant at Robinson Observatory.