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October 2013: UCF / FSI Attends Division For Planetary Sciences Meeting

UCF is breaking a record this week with 22 people presenting at one of the most important planetary sciences conferences in the nation.

The annual Division for Planetary Sciences meeting kicked off in Denver on Saturday drawing thousands of scientists from around the world who study the solar system and its early formation. DPS is the largest professional organization of planetary scientists and is part of the American Astronomical Society.

Nineteen students and three faculty members are presenting findings at the meeting, through Oct. 11, which is a school record, said Daniel Britt, a professor of physics at UCF and a former chair of DPS.  The most students to attend in previous years had been 15.

UCF students also snagged more than 50 percent of the free travel money available to students nationwide to attend the meeting thanks to their stellar work in the field and their early applications, Britt added.

“It’s quite a year for us,” Britt said. “It’s very exciting. We are well represented.”

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