The FSI Senior Design Program: Connecting UCF students with space research

With the Florida Space Institute (FSI) Senior Design Program, UCF students have an opportunity to participate in interdisciplinary teams to tackle real problems in space research. The program kicked off early in 2018 with three goals:


  1. Match NASA Kennedy Space Center project opportunities with UCF Senior Design Faculty and Student Teams

  2. Create unique, NASA-mentored, student development opportunities

  3. Enable creative solutions to real world problems that benefit all participants


Today, the FSI Senior Design Portfolio has grown from 2 legacy projects at the beginning of 2018 to include 11 teams working on 7 projects for NASA, industry, or research entities.  Each year, the program highlights the projects for the community and identifies which projects can be built upon with a new group of teams. In Spring 2019, three additional Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering teams will be added and will focus on innovative microgravity sources for research and education.  These activities demonstrate how the program is set to expand; the goal for 2019 is to double the number of participating universities while steadily increasing student and faculty participation.


For more information about the FSI Senior Design Program, please contact Mike Conroy (