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The Florida Space Institute (FSI) is sponsoring a seminar on Monday February 19, 2018, at 11:00 am in Partnership 1 Room 209

Speaker : Dr. Jesper W Gjerloev


Topic:  How do we advance our understanding of global Earth-Space interactions?


Despite decades of research even the most basic Earth-near space interactions remain to be controversial.  This is due to several complicating factors:  1) the interaction between Earth and near space is global; 2) it is dynamic; 3) it covers a large range of scale sizes; and, 4) it often involves non-linear processes.  As an additional challenge our observations are typically sparse.  As a consequence, our understanding is often based on simplistic schematics and untested assumptions.  In this talk I will present examples of why I think magnetosphere-ionosphere physics is still in its infancy and how new techniques and observations are needed to advance our understanding.  On the other hand, this is the very same reason why this is a great field for prospective students.  The talk will be tailored for students, researchers and experts.