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The Florida Space Institute (FSI) And The Center for Lunar and Asteroid Surface Science (CLASS) Had A Major Presence At The Biannual Earth And Space Conference

June 2016:

Researchers at the Florida Space Institute and the Center for Lunar and Asteroid Surface Science (CLASS) from UCF had a major presence at the biannual Earth & Space conference, arguably the world’s premier conference on space mining and planetary construction. Together, UCF researchers authored or co-authored more than 10% of the papers and presentations at the conference, with only NASA making a larger contribution.  The papers and presentations included:

  • “Understanding Asteroid Regolith Properties Using Solar System Dust Bands,” by Ashley Kehoe, Tom Kehoe, and Josh Colwell
  • “Planetary Environments,” by Gal Sarid, part of the Space Mining and Planetary Construction short course
  • “Results of the 2015 Workshop on Asteroid Simulants,” by Philip T. Metzger, Daniel Britt, Stephen Covey, and John S. Lewis
  • “Addressing Exploration and ISRU Safety Challenges for Volatile Rich Asteroids,” Daniel T. Britt and Esther E. Beltran
  • “Low Force Penetration of Icy Regolith,” by James Mantovani, Kris Zacny, Philip T. Metzger, Gregory Galloway, and Jack Craft
  • “Low-velocity impacts into regolith under microgravity conditions,” Joshua Colwell, Julie Brisset, Adrienne Dove, Akbar Whizin, Hunter Nagler, Nico Brown, Allison Rascon, Kristen Brightwell, and Laura Seward
  • “A combined experimental and numerical approach to understanding impacts involving regolith on planetary surfaces,” Adrienne Dove, Yanjie Li, Joshua Colwell, Jennifer Curtis, and Christopher Barsoum
  • “An Automated Tracking Method to Study Particle Motion in Microgravity,” by Jessica Metzger, Julie Brisset, Joshua Colwell, and Adrienne Dove
  • “Regolith Instability Caused by Gas Diffusion: A Case Study of the Asteroid Redirect Mission,” by Wesley Chambers and Philip T. Metzger
  • “Analysis of Thermal/Water Propulsion for CubeSats That Refuel in Space,” by Philip T. Metzger, Kris Zacny, Kathryn Luczek, and Magnus Hedlund
  • “Rocket Exhaust Blowing Soil in Near Vacuum Conditions is Faster Than Predicted by Continuum Scaling Laws,” by Philip T. Metzger
  • “Simulating the Surface Morphology of a Carbonaceous Chondrite Asteroid,” by Stephen Covey, John S. Lewis, Philip T. Metzger, Daniel Britt, and Sean E. Wiggins
  • “Design, Test and Simulation of Lunar and Mars Landing Pad Soil Stabilization Built with In-Situ Rock Utilization,” by Paul van Susante and Philip T. Metzger