Total Solar Eclipse Experience

Yanga Fernandez – Associate Professor

Location – Crete, NE

Coordinates: 40º 37′ 22″ N, 96º 58′ 45″ W

Start time of totality: 1:16 PM (CDT)

Duration of totality: 2min 40s


“Photo 1 is of our location. Photo 2 is a projection we did with a colander, pretty cool effect for all the crescent Suns just a few minutes before totality! We were at the side of the road, near an intersection of two state highways, by a motel and a Chinese restaurant at the edge of the town. Not the most scenic location but it did the job! There were only about 20 other people there with us — everyone else in this town watching the eclipse were probably set up elsewhere with lots of time to spare. We had raced to this town in order to find a clear patch of sky — southeast Nebraska was pretty unlucky for cloud cover that day! And we had to catch a flight later that afternoon in Omaha so we couldn’t go too far to find clear weather. We were very fortunate to find as clear a spot as we did — and we only arrived at the town about 20 minutes before totality. Our original location wound up being in clouds and rain, so it was a good decision on our part. A pretty exciting dash!”