Total Solar Eclipse Experience

Joe Harrington – Professor at the Physics Department

Location: Jackson Hole, WY

Coordinates: 43° 28’ 37.5” N, 110° 45’ 48.5″ W

Start time of totality: 1:35 PM (MDT)

Duration of totality: 2min 20s


“I was in the Tetons, specifically on the ski slopes at Jackson Hole.  It was a beautifully clear day.  I had a 35mm camera on a tripod with a 200mm telephoto lens with a solar filter for the partial phases.  I also had a GoPro video camera that took in both the sun and the surrounding countryside.  I’ve included some photos.  The totality itself, my second good view of one, was amazing!  We saw the corona reaching out into the black sky, several stars, the 360-degree sunset, the crescent-shaped shadows before and after, Baily’s beads, the Diamond Ring, and some Himalayan monks worshipping and blowing on their conch shell.  The temperature dropped and the birds went crazy.  Before, I took some of the young people in our group to Yellowstone. Afterward, I did some wildflower photography and met a moose.  They were a few of the most exciting days of my life!”