Partial Solar Eclipse Experience

Esther Beltran – Research Scientist

Location: Orlando, FL

Coordinates: 28° 40′ 29.9137″, 81° 11′ 48.1598″

Start time of partial eclipse: 12:19 PM EDT

Duration of partial eclipse: 2hr 56min



My day was pretty routine – I didn’t leave Orlando. I was at home at the time for the solar eclipse. I turned the TV on about 15 minutes before the event. I enjoyed seeing the broadcast across the nation, and with the description of the path and live feed from gathering places, it was getting exciting. It was 5 minutes before the eclipse here on the East Coast.  I went outside with my brother. I saw my next-door neighbors, who were also outside. They saw our very cool SSERVI glasses and were in awe because they couldn’t find any. Being a good neighbor, I shared an extra pair I had at home with them. They looked at the solar eclipse using the glasses and said: ‘Wow, Official NASA Solar Eclipse shades! This is our first real and probably only solar eclipse for us! No need to go to Texas for the next one.