FSI Student Design Projects cover a wide range of topics, disciplines and needs. Shared here are Reports, Papers, Posters, Other Products and the Teams.

Reports generally follow the FSI Capstone Format. The intent is synopsis of the project that will better enable sponsors, faculty and employers to understand the work performed and the capabilities of those involved. Papers, Posters and Other Products will likely be formatted as required for the target audiences. 

  • 2020 3D Printable Arm for the Mini-Rassor

    2020 3D Printable Arm for the Mini-Rassor

    The Arm for the mini-RASSOR is designed to place NASA Swamp Work’s regolith sintered pavers onto the lunar surface. With the Regolith Advanced Surface Systems Operations Robot (RASSOR) NASA plans to mine the Regolith and create sintered Regolith Pavers.

  • 2020 Sim Smackdown

    2020 Sim Smackdown

    The Simulation Exploration Experience joins teams of students, faculty members, and industry advisors together for an annual international modeling and simulation conference that takes place in April.