Raytheon Small Sat Cyber Security Suite

Title: Raytheon Small Sat Cyber Security Suite

Sponsor: Raytheon

Background:  Small Satellites, cube sat size, maybe larger, often rely on small on board computers and associated systems.  These lower power systems, while appropriate for managing these systems, lack the overall capabilities of most terrestrial systems.  This leaves may systems flying with minimal, or even non-existent, cyber security capabilities.  

The Project:  Develop a lightweight, readily deployable cyber security suite and associated process suited for small satellites.  Address up to 3 common use, sponsor defined, flight architectures.  

Expected Disciplines:  Prime – Computer Science. 

Academic Expectations:  Students will develop, or pull from open source, the necessary components for the security suite.  Components will be configured, integrated and tested. Documentation will be developed including: user guide, maintenance plan (update process, flight and ground) and appropriate system documentation.  Students will follow Curriculum engineering processes.

Project Expectations:  A small, lightweight, cyber security suite suitable for small satellites.  

Nominal Team Size / Expected Hours:  4 to 6, working about 8 hours a week, for 2 semesters.  

Budget:  The goal is a low software suite.  Sponsor will fund hardware test platforms, not expected to exceed $500.  Hardware to be returned to Sponsor for use on follow on projects.

Expected SME Availability:  Sponsor SMEs will be available vie email and weekly video call.  

Important Dates: Institutional dates only

Travel Requirements: Little or None

Additional Information:  FSI Senior Design GitHub.com repo will be used for all project code and documentation.  A team GitHub lead will need to be identified. The desire is an open source release of the completed product.

Technical Constraints:  Initial platforms will be limited to Sponsor identified systems.