Thomas Kehoe

Associate Scientist

  • 407-823-6304

Dr. Thomas Kehoe joined the Florida Space Institute as an Associate Scientist in 2011.  Dr. Kehoe’s research focuses on the dynamical behavior of small bodies in planetary systems and the structure of debris disks, with an emphasis on the dynamics of asteroids and dust particles.  He investigates these problems using a combination of analytical techniques, symbolic computation and numerical simulation, while exploiting publicly available datasets and observational catalogs.  Dr. Kehoe received his bachelor’s degree in mathematics and physics from the University of Warwick in the UK, and his master’s degree in mathematics and doctorate in astronomy from Queen Mary, University of London.  Dr. Kehoe is currently working on projects that investigate the process of dust band formation, the evolution of regolith on small moons, the architecture of Saturn’s ring system, the fine-scale resonant structure of the asteroid belt, and the dynamics of planetary systems.