Sreela Mallick

Asst. Director Research Programs

  • 407-823-6176


Ms. Sreela Mallick received her Bachelor’s degree in Commerce from Calcutta University, India and then became a Company Secretary under the Institute of Company Secretaries in India. The “Company Secretary” is responsible for the efficient administration of a company, particularly with regard to ensuring compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements and for implementing the decisions of the Board of Directors. She was the Senior Manager of Corporate Affairs at IFB Industries Ltd in Calcutta, India. She was in the Corporate Legal Department and the Compliance Officer for all statutory requirements of the company and its group companies. Ms. Mallick also oversaw compliance of statutory requirements for the company’s manufacturing units and some Income Tax matters for the Human Resources Department. She was responsible for documentation and all legal requirements in connection with funding from financial institutions and Banks. Ms. Mallick organized and attended Board meetings and company shareholders’ meetings. During her tenure as Senior Manager, she also drafted charters and by-laws for new joint venture companies within the group and ensured compliance with all statutory requirements in connection with company incorporation. Ms. Mallick routinely made representations on behalf of the company in various lawsuits filed by/against the company and coordinated with the company’s solicitors and advocates. She was the Director of three companies within the group including one finance company.

Ms. Mallick is currently the Asst. Director, Research Programs at Florida Space Institute and assists the Director in financial, administrative and contractual matters including office management and some areas of personnel task assignment. She also manages the Space Research Initiative (SRI) program which is run by the Florida Space Institute. Ms. Mallick was appointed as the Asst. Director of the NASA Florida Space Grant Consortium by its affiliate Advisory Board and is responsible for financial and contractual matters for the NASA Florida Space Grant Consortium (FSGC).