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October 2013: UCF / FSI Attends Division For Planetary Sciences Meeting

UCF is breaking a record this week with 22 people presenting at one of the most important planetary sciences conferences in the nation. The annual Division for Planetary Sciences meeting kicked off in Denver on Saturday drawing thousands of scientists from around the world who study the solar system and its early formation. DPS is …

November 2013: Joint UCF-UF Space Research Initiative Conference

The 1st joint UCF-UFL Space Research Initiative Conference will be held from 8.00 AM – 5.15 PM  on Thursday, Nov. 14th, 2013 at University of Florida, Gainesville (venue : Mathews Suite (4th Floor), JW Reitz Union, Univ. of Florida).   All SRI awardees from UCF under the 2012-A and 2012-B cycles and the awardees from …

July 2013: University of Central Florida Led SRI Awardees – 2013A Program Cycle

July 2013: GOLD Project in CAWSES II Newsletter

Article in CAWSES (Climate and Weather for Sun-Earth System– II) Newsletter, Volume 12, July 2013:

July 2013: FSI’s Dr. E. Todd Bradley Awarded NASA Grant

Congratulations to FSI Affiliated Faculty member, Dr. E. Todd Bradley, on being PI for a NASA, Planetary Mission Data Analysis Program (PMDAP), grant. The project will study Mercury’s exosphere using MESSENGER data.

June 2013: Two Projects Supported By FSI’s Space Research Initiative Have Been Selected By NASA’s Flight Opportunities Program

Two projects supported by FSI’s Space Research Initiative were recently selected by NASA’s Flight Opportunities Program. One project, led by Professor Robert Peale (UCF Physics), will fly in a high-altitude balloon to test a new technology to measure trace species in planetary atmospheres . The other project, led by Dr. E. Todd Bradley (UCF Physics), will test a cubesat attitude control system on a parabolic flight campaign.   Click the following link to read …

July 2013: Florida Led SRI Awardees – 2013A Program Cycle

May 2013: FSI’s Dr. Ashley Kehoe Awarded NASA Grant

Congratulations to FSI’s Dr. Ashley Kehoe on being PI for a NASA Grant titled Searching for Signatures of Recent Asteroid Disruptions in the WISE Dataset.    

May 2013: FSI has released the Request for Proposal (RFP) for the 2013 Space Research Initiative (SRI) for UCF faculty

The Request for Proposals and the Proposal format can be downloaded from the following links. Downloads: SRI_Proposal_Format_2013 SRI-Final-RFP-2013

March 2013: FSI Assistant Director, Josh Colwell, Receives UCF Teaching Incentive Program Award

Dr. Joshua Colwell, Assistant Director of FSI, receives UCF TIP award. To read more about the UCF Teaching Incentive Program click here .

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