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December 2012: NASA KSC Space Day 2013 Presentations

                                                        All of the Presenters

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Ms. Karen Thompson, NASA Research & Technology Development Overview    –  Part 2

Mr. Mike Conroy, Modeling and Simulation – Visualization Generation and Management

Dr. Kimberly Jentsch, Understanding and Improving Spaceflight Teamwork in Long-Duration Missions

Mr. Philip Metzger, In-Situ Robotics

Dr. Yunjun Xu, Pico-Scale Satellite Mission and Space Robot Autonomy

Mr. David Reed, Flight Payload Development  – Part 2

Dr. Eirik Holbert, Habitat Work

Dr. Sudipta Seal, Space related research at AMPAC and NSTC centers

Dr. Esther Beltran, Medicine of the 21st Century : integrating Space Science into our day-to-day activities

RDr. Rafael Guzman & Ms. Kristen Riley, The Florida-Spain Initiative on Small Satellites

Dr. S Alan Stern, Golden Spike: Overview and Business Model