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November 2013: NASA Awards $6 million Grant to UCF

Congratulations to Dr. Daniel Britt, of UCF’s Physics Department, as his Center for Lunar and Asteroid Surface Science (referred to as CLASS) was selected to be part of the new Solar System Exploration Research Virtual Institute (SSERVI) by NASA this week.

CLASS brings together the interdisciplinary expertise necessary to address the difficult scientific and technical issues raised by future NASA exploration scenarios and will aid NASA in planning robotic and human missions to exploration targets such as near-Earth asteroids, the Earth’s moon, and the moons of Mars. Results obtained by CLASS researchers are expected to benefit NASA exploration missions through the 2020s and beyond.

Dr. Britt is the Principal Investigator on the grant with the Florida Space Institute’s, Dr. Thomas Kehoe, his Deputy. The team also includes FSI Asst. Director Dr. Josh Colwell, Dept. of Physics professors Dr. Campins and Dr. Fernandez, and other researchers in the planetary science group at UCF and FSI.

CLASS is is a virtual institute based jointly at the University of Central Florida (UCF) and the Florida Space Institute (FSI) but is a partnership of over 19 domestic and international institutes including: the Kennedy Space Center (KSC), the Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC), the University of Florida (UF), and a network of outstanding domestic and international researchers.

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