Gal Sarid, Ph.D




Associate Scientist



Gal is a planetary scientist who joined FSI in late 2014, after two postdoctoral research associate stints in Honolulu, HI (Institute for Astronomy and NASA Astrobiology Institute), and Cambridge, MA (Harvard, Earth & Planetary Sciences Dept.). He completed his PhD in Planetary Sciences at Tel Aviv University, Israel.

He works on topics involving thermal and collisional evolution of planetary bodies (comets, asteroids and terrestrial planets) and early compositional evolution in the solar system. Most of his research focuses on relating thermo-physical, chemical and dynamical properties of various small body populations to their origin conditions and evolution pathways. The ultimate goal is to understand how planetary systems arrange themselves and promote habitable conditions.

With a general sense of interest, Gal is willing and able to collaborate and work on any interesting question in the realm of planetary physics and/or space exploration.

View Gal’s personal webpage here.