FSI Space Research Initiative

Space Research Initiative (SRI) is a joint program between the University of Central Florida and the University of Florida to support UCF-only or joint UCF-UF programs of one year or shorter duration in any area of space-related research and development. The objective of SRI, at UCF, is to seed efforts that will lead to new external funding with emphasis on efforts that have good prospects to win substantially more dollars than are proposed for.

SRI research should culminate in one or more proposals to NASA or other agencies that sponsor space-related research. NASA program managers periodically provide proposal-writing workshops that contain valuable information on preparing successful proposals. For a recording of a recent proposal-writing workshop run by NASA program managers, please see this link:  http://connect.arc.nasa.gov/p3hhdeswa5x/


Please click here for information, including presentations, regarding the First Space Research Initiative Conference that was held on November 14, 2013.


University of Central Florida Led SRI Awardees – 2013A Program Cycle


University of Florida Led SRI Awardees – 2013A Program Cycle


Request for Proposal (RFP) for the 2013 Space Research Initiative (SRI) for UCF faculty

The Request for Proposals and the Proposal format can be downloaded from the following links.




Recipients Of SRI 2012-B

Projects Principal Investigators (PIs) Department (Institution)
Photoelectron And Neutral Plasma Effects On Impact-Generated Dust Dynamics Dr. Adrienne Dove Physics (UCF)
Impacts Into Icy Regolith Experiment Dr. E. Todd Bradley Physics (UCF)
Development Of A Cloud Microphysics Parameterization Scheme For Saturn Dr. Csaba Palotai Physics (UCF)
Planetary Atmosphere Minor Species Sensor (PAMSS) Dr. Robert Peale Physics (UCF)
Multiplex MEMS Emitters With Augmented Electrospray Thrust Dr. Weiwei Deng Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (UCF)
Development And Application Of Atomistic Simulation Methods To Elucidate Space-Weathering Processes Dr. Patrick Schelling Advanced Materials Processing and Analysis Center (UCF)
Ammonia Borane/Polymer Composite Materials For Space Radiation Shielding Applications Dr. Nan Qin Florida Solar Energy Center (UCF)
Design Of A Temperature-Controlled Filter Holder For Cubesat Photometer Dr. Andrey Krywonos Florida Space Institute (UCF)
Control Of Incident Shock-Induced Boundary-Layer Interaction for Supersonic Combustion Ramjet (SCRAMJET) Engine Dr. Shashi Verma Florida Space Institute (UCF)
Fully-Functional Space And Terrestrial Shield (PV/EDS) And Photovoltaic/Electrostatic Lunar Dust Collector (PV/ELDC) Hybrid Systems For Dust Dr. Nicoleta Hickman Florida Solar Energy Center (UCF)
Remote Sensing Of Nesting Sea Turtle Tracks: Development And Application Of Computer Vision Algorithms Dr. John Weishampel Biology (UCF)
Demonstration Of A Prototype Silicon Immersion Grating For The NASA SOFIA Mission Dr. Jian Ge Astronomy (UF)
Nano-satellite Technologies For Earth Aeronomy And Geodesy Dr. John W. Conklin Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (UF)
Pathfinder Biology In The Suborbital Realm Dr. Robert Ferl Horticultural Science (UF)
Low Gravity Effects On Faraday Instability – Applications To Microgravity Science And Space Enabling Operations Dr. R. Narayanan Chemical Engineering (UF)
Astrophysics And Astrochemistry Of Habitable Planet Formation Dr. Jonathan C. Tan Physics (UF)
The DART-2 Dust Sampler: Moving From A Prototype To An Operational System In 2013 Dr. Andrew Schuerger Plant Pathology (UF)
ISIS: An Integrated Standard Imaging System For Nano-satellites Dr. Rafael Guzman Astronomy (UF)
Hypersonic Aerodynamics Studies For Reusable Space Vehicles Dr. Corin Segal Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering  (UF)
Effects Of Microgravity On Bacteria-Induced Animal Development Dr. Jamie Susan Foster Microbiology & Cell Science (UF)

Recipients OF SRI 2012-A

Projects Principal Investigators (PIs) Home Departments
Image-Based Motion Estimation and Tracking for Collaborative Space Assets Dr. Aman Behal NanoScience Technology Center and Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Improved RTGs With Refractory Nanoelectroceramic Composites Dr. Richard Blair Chemistry
Dust Detection in Low-Medium Earth Orbit via Single or Cooperative Pico-Scale Satellites Dr. E. Todd Bradley Physics
Maximizing the Science Return from Small Body Lightcurves Dr. Daniel Britt Physics
Ultraviolet Transmission Filters for Cubesat Photometer Dr. Richard Eastes Florida Space Institute
Searching for Signatures of Recent Asteroid Disruptions in the WISE dataset Dr. Ashley Espy Physics
Phase Shifters: New Space System Antennas Dr. Xun Gong Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
Graphene‐Based Uncooled Far-Infrared Spectrometer On a Chip Dr. Masahiro Ishigami NanoScience Technology Center & Dept of Physics
Asteroid Belt Structure Dr. Thomas Kehoe Florida Space Institute
New Hydrogen Sensor Systems Dr. Yun Zhai Electrical Engineering & Computer Science