Florida Space Business Roundtable (FSBR)

In 2015 FSI is initiating a distinguished speakers series called the Florida Space Business Roundtable, or FSBR.

FSBR will bring space leaders to the Orlando-Space Coast area on a monthly basis to speak about the most important space topics of the day—from space policy matters to business plans to the latest scientific results and new mission plans.

NASA Associate Administrator For Human Spaceflight, Bill Gerstenmaier

NASA Associate Administrator For Human Spaceflight, Bill Gerstenmaier

Speakers will bring government agency and elected officials, White House and Congressional staffers, regulators, aerospace leaders, scientists and technologists to Florida. The objective is to create regular venues that a wide cross section of Florida aerospace industry can benefit from space leader insights without having to travel to Washington or other far away locales, saving both time and expense and creating a stronger and richer space community in Florida.

NASA Associate Administrator for human spaceflight Bill Gerstenmaier will be among FSBRs first speakers.

FSBR will be supported by industry and academic institution memberships.

A roster of upcoming speakers and topics will soon be posted.

Contact FSI Chief Scientist Dr. Alan Stern for more details: Alan.Stern@ucf.edu, 303.324.5269.