2022 EZ-Rassor ROS 2.0 Migration


University of Central Florida — Computer Science


EZ-RASSOR is student developed, NASA Sponsored, open sources software for rover management and operation; details are available on the GitHub.  The goal is to create a generalized rover management system suitable for remote control use, but extendable to autonomous navigation, swarm operation and local decision making.  EZ-RASSOR began as a ROS 1.0 project.  The 2021/22 team converted the code base to work in the ROS 2.0 environment while addressing ROS shortfalls in areas that impacted overall performance and RE-RASSOR goals.   

Project Sponsor

Mike Conroy

Project Team

Swarm Control Team
Britney Baron
Matthew Gomez

Autonomous Control Team
Nathan Kurelo Wilk
Mauricio Costa

Project Manager
Alexander Cingoranelli