About FSI Student Design

FSI Student Design:

FSI is chartered to provide Space Research, Development and Education activities within the State of Florida. FSI Student Design supports this with Partners, Project Opportunities, Mentorship and Structures where students develop team, leadership and engineering experience while providing capabilities and solutions for the Space Exploration, Research, STEM and STEAM communities.

FSI Student Design combines industry, NASA and FSI mentors with FSI University programs to create and manage unique opportunities for Student Engineers. While the students predominantly work under the mentors as opposed to traditional engineering leadership, the pace and structure are heavily focused on product delivery. A unique trait is the multi-team / multi-generation nature of many of the projects. Large, complex projects are segmented into elements suitable for parallel and serial project team execution. This enables the completion of much larger projects than those typically associated with a single year or semester.

FSI Student Design Project Types:

Senior Design / Capstone / Thesis Project:

These are a type of FSI Student Design Project. The terms “Senior Design” and “Capstone” are used relatively interchangeably across Engineering schools. The term “Capstone” is used in other fields to indicate graduate level projects, and typically refers to individual work under the supervision of an advisor. For FSI, the terms are synonymous and refer to projects associated with the student’s senior year. The Thesis Project is similar, typically associated with a single student, and associated with an advanced degree (usually Masters). In all cases, the projects are scoped and staffed with the associated faculty to ensure satisfaction of academic requirements.

These projects fall into two general groups. The first is projects that are partnered with a University for long term involvement. These are staffed through the University Program(s)

FSI Based Project:

The FSI Project, or Institute Project, focuses on products or capabilities directly tied or supporting FSI Research. These projects are typically are managed by FSI personnel with Student development teams. These projects are heavily focused on product delivery and are typically tied to funded research.

Student Organization Project:

These projects are much less tied to Academic needs. FSI Student Org Projects align more closely with the Student Organizational goals and desire for advancement. These goals may be focused on a general technical area such as robotics, or be more organizational with a leadership focus. The Students here are not tied to projects, grants or funding and are all volunteers.

K-12 Project:

These projects are either to be completed by K-12 organizations, or are intended to provide products for use by K-12 organizations. This includes the concept of a competition or product for K-12 organizations that is developed, managed and/or maintained by an Org / Senior Design / Thesis team.

FSI Student Design Goals:

The common goals across all of these projects are:

  • Individual Student development in Engineering
  • Creation of new capabilities and systems supporting Space Exploration and Research
  • Creation of foundational elements to enhance Student development
  • Creation of new capabilities for STEM and STEAM education, enabling the next generation of Engineering Students