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Speaker Title Date
Dan Durda: Southwest Research Institute Asteroid Surfaces – Geology And Milli-g Dynamics October 22, 2014
Barbara Cohen: Marshall Space Flight Center Lunar Flashlight: Mapping Lunar Surface Volatiles Using A Cubesat November 19, 2014
Guy Consolmagno: Vatican Observatory Is Vesta A Protoplanet? December 3, 2014
Phil Metzger: Florida Space Institute, UCF Compaction Of Regolith On The Moon, Asteroids, And Other Airless Bodies: By Vibration Or By Thermal Cycling? January 28, 2015
Dan Scheeres: University of Colorado, Boulder Evidence For And Implications Of Cohesion In Rubble Pile Asteroids February 25, 2015
Faith Vilas: Planetary Science Institute What Can We Learn About The Space Weathering Of S-Complex Asteroids In The UV/Blue? March 4, 2015
Jocelyn Dunn: Purdue University, School of Industrial Engineering Toward detecting human health and stress states via wearable devices and habitat systems data on a simulated long-duration Mars missionIf you have trouble with the streaming of Jocelyn’s portion of the presentation, you can switch over after Kim’s intro and watch that portion here: March 25, 2015
Justin Karl: Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, UCF Cheaper Private Suborbital Flight Opportunities On The Horizon- Research Implications April 1, 2015
Lindy Elkins-Tanton: Arizona State University Planetesimals: Early Differentiation And Consequences For Planets April 8, 2015
Gal Sarid: UCF, Florida Space Institute It’s Icy Out There – Bulk Processing In Outer Solar System Minor Bodies   April 15, 2015
Larry Taylor: University of Tennessee at Knoxville Space Weathering In Its Totality April 29, 2015
Dan Britt: Physics, UCF Economics And Exploration: A Bit of Historical Perspective On The New Age Of Exploration September 2, 2015
Jim Cantrell: Co-founder of Space X The Role Of Rogue Thinkers And Doers In Human Progress September 23, 2015
Rodger Handberg: Political Science, UCF US Commercial Space Enterprise: Confronting Competition Domestically And Internationally September 30, 2015
Patrick Michel: Observatoire de la Côte d’Azur Asteroid Impact And Deflection Assessment (AIDA) Mission: Science Return And Technology Demonstration October 14, 2015
Charles F. Radley: Associate Fellow AIAA Lunar Surface Operations – Major Cost Reduction By A Lunar Elevator October 28, 2015
Andrew Schuerger: University of Florida Hypobarophile Bacteria Capable Of Growth Under Martian Conditions Of 7 mbar, 0 C, And CO2-enriched Anoxic Atmospheres November 4, 2015
Jim Pawelczyk: Astronaut What Price A Martian? Human Limits To Exploring The Red Planet November 11, 2015
Serkan Saydam: UNSW, Australia An Integrated Economics Model Of ISRU In Support Of A Mars Colony November 18, 2015
Scott Branting: Anthropology, UCF The Necessity Of Space-Based Monitoring Of Cultural Heritage Destruction In Syria And Iraq December 2, 2015
Dr. Leslie Gertsch Asteroids, Economic Geology, And The Exploration Of Space – abstract December 7, 2015
Zoe Landsman: Physics, UCF Primitive Asteroids In The Mid-Infrared: Comparing Young And Old Families February 10, 2016
Peter Brown: Western University, Canada Physical Structure And Origin Of Meter-Sized Earth Impactors February 17, 2016
Kieran A. Carroll: Chief Technology Officer, Gedex Asteroid Surface Gravimetry, Weighing Boulders On Asteroids February 24, 2016
David Carrier The Four Things You Need To Know About The Geotechnical Properties Of Lunar Soil March 16, 2016
Noemi Pinilla-Alonso: FSI, UCF James Webb Space Telescope: All I Want For My Birthday March 30, 2016
Amalio Garrido: CEO Drage & mate International METALIQ: Passive High Gravimetric Density Sun-Independent Chemical Energy Storage Compatible With RFC (Regenerative Fuel Cells) And Surface ISRU (In-Situ Resource Utilization) Systems May 4, 2016
Jordan Steckloff: Purdue University SPINNING OUT OF CONTROL! How Sublimative Torques Alter And Destroy Cometary Bodies

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June 6, 2016
Antonio Paris: St. Petersburg College, FL The Moon: 3D September 7, 2016
Sven Bilén, Pennsylvania State University An Overview Of The OSIRIS-3U CubeSat Mission To Investigate Ionospheric Heating September 28, 2016
Terry Hurford: Planetary Scientist, NASA Goddard Tidal Activity On Phobos October 5, 2016
Humberto Campins: Physics, UCF November 8, 2016